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OK, so let me tell you a little bit about myself....

Around age 9 I started 'playing' heavily with electronics. Tearing old TV's apart and re-using parts to built other electronic devices like radios, amplifiers, transmitters, etc... This strong technical interest lead to completing a 4 year degree in electronics, with a strong focus on telecommunications (transmitters, receivers and alike).

I have always believed a person should try and turn their passions into their work whenever possible, hence shortly after immigrating to the USA (from The Netherlands) I pursued a career with Hewlett Packard in the test and measurement industry. Within hp (and later with it's spin-off, Agilent Technologies) I have held many different jobs & roles which gave me a huge amount of experience in many aspects of a high-tech global business. About half of my 34 year career was on the manufacturing side and the other (latter) half on the IT side where many times I was involved with devising new and better ways to efficiently and effectively address needs.

If you decide to contact and/or hire me, you will find a person who enjoys the outdoors, values family and close friendships. I like to spend time with a diverse set of people as I believe everyone has something positive to offer. I do value those most who are positive contributors and role models in society as a whole. I humbly proud myself of having a broad set of skills, applying those skills to come up with creative solutions to most challenges that cross my path while operating with a high level of integrity.

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