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Media to Digital conversion has been a hobby for many many years. It started by my own desires to preserve childhood memories from family events, vacations, etc... These older materials could lead to permanent loss of those memories, so I felt an urgency to get involved with this early on. With much experience in the field I can provide an economic solution to assist you to preserve those memories for many years to come and make it easier to share them with family and friends.

Why use me?

What sets me apart from big chain services like this is reasonably priced editing customizations which may make a HUGE difference in the end product experience. For example, you may have difference source materials (8mm film, VHS tapes and other Digital Media, including photos...) from which you want to compile a video, let's say... a child growing up, Several family events / vacations taken at different times, etc.... Working directly, in person, with the creator for your needs significantly increases the odds that you will be extremely pleased with the final result and well.... you may also have heard already about the benefits of "buying local" to support your local economy.

How to obtain services?

To initiate a request, please submit a media digitization estimate form
Note: Because your physical materials are required for these projects, at this point, this service is limited to the greater Sacramento area (unless other acceptable arrangements to meet / transfer materials can be made). If agreed, I will make an appointment to visit you to review and pick up the materials for processing. I will provide (watermarked, lower resolution) online video(s) for your review before final production and delivery.

What does it cost?

20c/ft in general for 8mm film conversion
$10 per 50ft (3" reel/~3 minutes) film conversion
$35 per 200ft (5" reel/~12
minutes)  film conversion
$70 per 400ft (7" reel/~25 minutes)
 film conversion
$15 per hour of VHS Tape conversion
$10 per hour of Digital (Video) Tape transfer
Please note that a Minimum charge of $40 applies
(fractional hrs will be rounded up to the next full hr)
Discounts may be given for high volumes.
Time permitting, rush jobs may be done for a small additional fee...

What is included with the service?

(Hover your mouse cursor over the bulleted text for details and limitations)

  • Capturing/Transferring your media into digital file(s)
  • Basic film / tape repairs.
  • Fade in / fade-out transitions between films.
  • Basic noise removal
  • Basic video enhancement
  • Basic titles insertions before each film (As provided by you).
  • Master DVD image(s) with a Menu (1 Menu item per title).

What can be added for additional / optional charges?

The following optional services can be requested. Costs will be based upon the specific requests that you may enter in the comments field of the media digitization estimate form. Cost estimates will be provided for your approval or refinement after reviewing these requests.

* Advanced video editing services: Please do not hesitate to ask, however off the wall you think the request may be. If it is possible, I will let you know and what the costs are. Some examples are custom editing within each of the films to further enhance the outcome. This can include things like:

  • Custom titles, etc.. additions within the media segments.
  • Text descriptions within the films.
  • Advanced lightening, color, etc.. enhancements.
  • Moving segments of films around to improve flow.
  • Extracting and inserting photos into the film.

* Provide you with the larger (avi) captured source files, on your own provided hard drive(s). Having access to these files helps in case of future loss and/or future additional projects at highest possible quality.


What could happen with old media, or if you use older equipment/services?

Old 8mm film has a high risk of breakage as it gets older (brittle) and may develop lots of scratches due to exposed use in older equipment, storage, humidity (i.e. mold) etc..

Old magnetic tape has a high risk of loosing it's information due to age, humidity, wear and tear, storage near magnetic devices such as loudspeakers, refrigerator magnets, microwaves, radio transmitters, etc..

Here are some examples of video conversions done in the past.
OK: Samples from reasonably well preserved films
FAIL: Samples from poorly stored and damaged films
The FAIL video also shows what can happen when old (HOT) lamp based projectors are used. I am happy to share that my projector has been custom converted to use LED full color spectrum technology.

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