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Custom Video Editing Jobs


Custom jobs is what can make the end results really unique and enjoyable! For me personally, doing custom work is really rewarding, as it enables me to show you some of what can be done in this digital age and allow me to turn your wishes into real deliverables.

What does it cost?

As we scope the project, my goal is to work out an agreeable compensation for the work required. Ultimately I want you to be satisfied with what I have delivered so that you feel you received your money's worth. A minimum charge of $40.= applies for custom jobs.

How to obtain services?

Depending on what the job entails the work can be done either all remotely and/or I can visit you in person to determine scope and a cost estimate.

To initiate a request, please submit a media digitization estimate form. You will NOT need to fill out the qty of film, vhs tapes, etc..., just provide your contact information (top of the form) and enter as may details possible of what you would like to have done (in the comments section), so that I can contact you and provide an estimate.

What is included with the service?

This service will typically provide you with one set of master mp4 file(s) / DVD image(s).  As for content, well... that all really depends on what you are looking for and weather or not the capabilities exist. Usually though, this all comes down to what can economically be done with the time and resources available. If you are interested in a custom job.... Just contact me with your ideas and we can come up with an agreed upon set of deliverables, clearly scoping out the job required.

SmOorLUTIONS Service Terms and Conditions:

By obtaining my services, you fully agree to the terms and conditions stated herein. These terms and conditions may be updated at any time.

Customers need to be aware that digital materials cannot be improved significantly from the originals provided, but whenever possible, I will apply technologies that improve picture quality. If you want an old authentic look and feel, please let me know!

You, the customer, declares that you own the copyrights to the materials submitted for processing, meaning that you either created the materials yourself, or that you otherwise have secured the rights to reproduce the materials. You, the customer, agree to be responsible for any and all expenses related to non compliance on this issue.

Master digital files will be provided for your personal, non-commercial use. You are responsible for compliance with licensing and/or royalty requirements for any and all distribution of the materials. Illegal or obscene materials will not be converted and returned to you.

Risks: Please note that there is always a small risk of breakage, wrinkling and other types of damage to your materials as they are old and may have deteriorated over time due to storage locations, environmental exposure, etc.... Old film materials are known to shrink. Magnetic materials are known to loose their magnetism (signal) and may even physically loose the magnetic materials form the tape. Materials generally get more and more brittle over time. As for film burning risk, I am pleased to share that I have converted my equipment to no longer use bulbs, rather LED lighting, so the risk of film burns has been minimized.

My commitment to you is that I will do the utmost best and lowest risk conversions possible. In case I encounter trouble with the ability to convert your materials safely, I will let you know as soon as possible so we can discuss risk vs. benefit to continue on. Your commitment to me is that you will not hold me liable in case of any and all loss or damages you may incur by using my services.

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