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How the media services work / What to expect

This page is under construction and is being added to clarify some questions people have had about the service... Please stay tuned for more details in the coming days, which will include additional links related to the process steps below.

Service process steps

  1. You submit a project request, which will generate an estimate.

  2. I will contact you to review requirements (and revise the estimate only if any custom requirements are requested/required).

    We review the estimated timeline, cost and decide to proceed or not.

    I will arrange to pick up your materials (local customers) and/or you will be provided a space to upload your content.

    You will update me, if applicable, on the basic requirements such as the order of your source materials and exact text of the titles to be inserted.

  3. I will create the video as per your requirements.

    You will be provided an internet viewable (watermarked lower resolution) version of the video for your review and inputs. <A sample will be added here in the near future>

    If required, additional additional basic editing will be done free of charge. Additional custom editing may be requested at this time and we will review additional costs, if any, for your approval.

    An updated online version will be provided. <A sample will be added here in the near future>

  4. Upon your approval of the final result:

    We process payment (Check or Cash accepted, PayPal/Credit Card may be added in the near future).

    Depending on your requirements, a master non-watermarked mp4 file and/or an ISO file (to burn your own DVD) will be made available to download. (If you are unable to burn your own DVD(s) and/or download the mp4 file(s), I will make alternate arrangements with you).

    If applicable, we will coordinate to return your source materials and/or your uploaded source materials will be deleted from the server.

Please note that my focus is on producing a quality results. I want you to be happy with the result before we conclude our engagement. I will provide a general timeline up front and will commit to 'rush jobs' only if those are reasonably possible to deliver upon.